Reply to Comments on Qana Maassacre

Many have made questioning comments and even bad jocks about some of the pictures coming from the latest Israel massacre in Qana and stating that the deaths were staged.
One of them is this Blog http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/2006/07/milking-it.html which concentrated on the timing and details about one of the rescuers in the massacre.
As a reply to him first of all we should concentrate on the bodies of the dead than the rescuers in this event as taking even 1000 photos for the same dead body will not bring it to life but could return the life to the dead conscience of the world people who didn't move to stop this killing with the power in their hands to do so.
Secondly it is Israel that prevents reporters and photographers from covering the events in their side if they want to show how bad they are affected. Also For Your information the photo that you say that the rescuer has his radio disappeared it is actually there just put on your glasses and see below:

The pictures of this massacre by Israel are only a drop in the ocean of Israeli crimes against humanity and show that they are not prepared to live in peace in this world as their history show how the even killed the messengers of Allah.

Another site http://web.israelinsider.com/Articles/Diplomacy/8997.htm mentioned that the massacre was staged by Hizb-Allah in that they were storing the dead bodies and placed them all in Qana to fake an Israeli attack. As a reply to this I say that Muslims actually avoid leaving bodies for long time and bury them fast after death. Also how could Hizb-Allah move around with more than 50 bodies without being found by Israel? You are just trying to twist the reality as always done by Israel and supported by USA.

Another discussion here http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1676583/posts Talks about the same thing and making jokes about the rescuer with the Green Helmet which show how Israelis take killing people as a joke in their life.

Is someone going to come now and say that the recent massacred people in Qaa had hand grenades covered with potato skin ?!! Wake up and see the reality of Israel.


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